VERVAIN Geometric 3D Wallpaper

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Do away with the hassle of traditional paint and give your walls a life of its own with these easy to install wallpapers. Installation service is available. Price refers to per metre square.

Material: Textured Cloth ($40/sqm); Silky Pearl Cloth (Seamless) ($48/sqm); Textured Canvas (Seamless) ($55/sqm); 5D Gold Silk Cloth (Seamless) ($65/sqm); 8D Palace Cloth (Seamless) ($80/sqm)

Design: A (Geometric grey with black lines); B (Geometric grey); C (Geometric pink); D (Geometric green); E (Rainbow); F (Tibetan); G (Yellow grey mosaic); H (Green shards); I (Geometric pink shards); J (Geometric rainbow); K (Geometric earth); L (Geometric gold); M (Geometric 3D); N (Faded grey); O (Acidwashed grey); P (Acidwashed green); Q (Geometric gold with black lines); R (Geometric cream); S (Geometric marble)