PRISE Modern Sintered Stone Coffee Table

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Elevate your living room in style with our PRISE coffee table, constructed from high quality and durable sintered stone and high-density fibreboard. This center table comprises of two tables, a taller side table in your choice of marble or tempered class, and a lower table featuring three slider drawers to house your home essentials. Pull the tables apart for separate use during social gatherings, or slide the larger table under the side table for a compact and luxurious look. A multifunctional design that will go well with a high pile rug and any classic sofa designs. Ideal for modern, contemporary, victorian, or hotel-inspired family rooms.

Dimensions (cm):
Center Table 130L x 70W x 36H
Side Table 78L x 65W x 43H

Sintered stone
Powdercoated iron