LUSTRE Floating Floor Lamp Shelf

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The Lustre design is a creative fusion of form and function, combining a utility rack or bookshelf in the form of an asymmetrical vertical tree branching out into tiers of usable space with backlight, and a 360 degree pivotal table lamp to illuminate your trophies and display items, or as a reading lamp in the bedroom.

Wall Mount Designs (cm):
(Design A) 3 tiers 52L x 117H
(Design B) 4 ties 60L x 147H (Lamp on top tier)
(Design C) 4 tiers 60L x 127H (Lamp on second tier)

Standing Lamp Designs (cm):
(Design D) 4 ties 51L x 147H 
(Lamp on top tier) 
(Design E) 4 tiers 51L x 144H (Lamp on second tier)

55W voltage (lamp)
11-12W voltage (backlights)
4KG max load per tier