CHELSEA Ultra Slim Mirror Shoe Cabinet

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Never worry about your shoes mismatching your clothes with this versatile mirrored shoe cabinet. In addition to creating the illusion of spatial enlargement, the full length mirror also allows you to choose the shoes to match your outfit of the day.

Dimensions (cm):

3 tiers
50L x 17W x 106H
50L x 24W x 106H 
65L x 17W x 106H 
65L x 24W x 106H 
80L x 17W x 106H 
80L x 24W x 106H 

4 tiers
50L x 17W x 138H 
50L x 24W x 138H 
65L x 17W x 138H 
65L x 24W x 138H 
80L x 17W x 138H 
80L x 24W x 138H